First day in Dublin recapped

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, my phone will not work here. Which is strange because it is a quad band phone on a GSM network. It can see the other networks, but cannot sucessfully connect to them. My guess is that something on the AT&T side is preventing me from global roaming capability. To complicate maters further, I can’t find a very reliable free wifi connection. The hotel has one but the signal is poor. It also prohibits certain ports from being used, so no e-mail capability since most of my accounts require secure port assignments. Web mail works, but is awful slow and cumbersome on the phone. Luckily, I can get these posts out.

The hotel is very nice especially for less than 100 euro a night. Very spacious room with a desk and a sitting table. The bed is a decent size and is one of those popular fold up ones. I still like the idea of one of these in a third bedroom/office at home. The bath is also one women would die for – deep and spacious. If you travel here – I recommend the Grafton Capital City. The location is great – very close to the Temple Bar, St. Stephen’s Green and Trinity. Connelly Station is not a bad walk either.

After I checked in and left my bags at the hotel, I went and bought a cheap pay as you go phone. This will alow me to keep in touch with folks here as well as give me peace of mind when I drive south for the wedding. Speaking of which, I forgot the directions. A call to Interactive Services fixed that. I now have directions which were faxed to me. I am sure I have directions in my e-mail somewhere, but I cannot reliably access them.

Following the phone purchase, I walked along the river to St. James Gate for the Guiness Storehouse and brewery tour. They will collect your 14 euro, allow you to walk through a store of Guinness merchandise much like Disneyland (the first and last thing you see) and then you start a self guided tour . You will learn a lot and end up at a place where they will show you how to pour a pint, which you can then pour your own. The top floor allows you to enjoy a pint (or two) and take in a great view of the city. It was a clear day, so the view was spectacular. I then wandered my way back to the hotel finding interesting buildings and churches to photograph. I stopped at the Tourist Centre to pick up a road atlas and detailed Dublin map for my trip south as well as figuring out where Interactive Services is located – what a haul without a car.

Rory called and mentioned he and Paul were in town and that I was welcome to join them for a bite and a pint. We watched the Eurovision Song Competition which is like American Idol, but across Europe. The finals are on Saturday and everyone was hoping Ireland’s entry of Dustin the Turkey would win. Dustin is aparently a popular kids character and a puppet. Picture a Seasame Street muppet on American Idol and you have the Dustin experience.

We went to a few more bars for a few more pints. I’m sure I spent way to much and stayed out way too late. Anyway it was good times and good company. I was also able to gleen som business discussion on mobile device programming from arory and viral marketing from Paul. I’m sure those conversations will continue Wed night when Rory and I meet up with Eamon

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  1. Mike Benton on

    Dublin Rocks! I pretty much did the same thing a few years ago and want to go back. I stayed at the Avalon House (hostel) and took rail tours everywhere. It was blast.

    Hostels are much better than hotels because you get to meet up with people that have been there longer and find interesting places to go at night. Great stuff.

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